I am a 40 something husband and father of two who lives in Melbourne.  I have always loved food, and wine for that matter, but it was during my first stint in Melbourne in the early 90s that a friend opened my eyes to the Vic Market and cooking.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  Since moving back to Melbourne 15 years ago I’ve been on a food journey that has encompassed many fine restaurants, being entertained by friends and my own efforts in the kitchen.

Along the way I have gathered quite a collection of cookbooks (often quite impulsively) that don’t get the attention they should.  While this is a situation that may never be adequately resolved, this year I am going to attempt to cook at least one new recipe from each of them.  As I write this that means 227 new dishes, a number which will undoubtedly rise during the year.

These pages are devoted to never again hearing “You’ve never cooked anything out of that!”



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  1. Meg Lee says:

    Those spiced peaches last evening were truly delicious. Worth repeating.

    Also lst night I was introduced to Yotam Ottolenghi so I am planning to do some research about his food.


  2. Kelly says:

    I was joking with my mom in an email tonight about joining “Cookbooks Anonymous” because I’m my growing obsession and collection. (Which, by the way, I got from her – she gave me my first cookbook and her collection is much bigger than mine.) So I typed it into Google and found your blog. Now I’m laughing because my New Years Resolution this year was to cook one recipe from each of the cookbooks I own and journal the process. At the beginning of the year that meant around one recipe per week. Since then I’ve added about 15 new cookbooks to my collection. I’m so happy to know that I’m not the only one trying to give all of my lovely cookbooks the attention they deserve!!

  3. Rocksalt says:

    Hey David
    Have signed up to the blog and yesterday finally got around to buying “Plenty”.

  4. Maeve Heneke says:

    I found your blog this morning-what a wonderful way to start the day and week! I was searching for other recipes for spiced quinces (I have a South African one but felt I needed to extend my horizons a little especially as I have a lot of quinces this year, thanks to my own tree which fruited for the first time and the generosity of friends) and your 7 hour recipe came up. Of course I have now been reading your blog instead of preparing the quinces.
    I am originally from Cape Town but have lived in London since 1977 and like you, have a large collection of cookery books. My own very small project started in September, is to make at least one new dish every week. I don’t think I’m going to tell you how long it’s going to take me to get through my present collection, especially as it continues to grow…
    Thank you for a most entertaining blog.

  5. JaneEYB says:

    Hi David – I’d have preferred to contact you directly but couldn’t find any way to do so on your blog. Have you taken a look at Eat Your Books? I think it would really help you in your project. We have indexed almost 2,300 cookbooks (over 530,000 recipes) so you can find recipes quickly by ingredient, recipe type, ethnicity, etc. We have a lot of Australian cookbooks indexed, as well as British (I and my sister/co-founder Fiona are Brits, though now living in the US and NZ). Anyway, take a look at http://www.eatyourbooks.com, and please email me if any questions.
    Merry Christmas, Jane

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