In My Kitchen – June 2012

In my kitchen is some kitchen gear from the US.  Our son is doing the around the world trip this year and he turned 21 last week.  His mum went over to surprise him (we have family in Atlanta where they spent the week) and this is what came back with her

Cedar Planks – very excited to see these now that I am in a bit of a BBQ phase.  Looking forward to cooking a side of salmon.

Duncan’s Kitchen Grips – will come in handy when handing the smoker and look to be not too thick and easy to clean

Hickory Liquid Smoke – when you want to add natural hickory flavour to your favourite dishes

A pack of individual steak thermometers – hmm, we’ll see how well these work, I have my doubts

Some spice mixes.  Chili Lime Rub with sea salt that can be used on just about everything by the look of it,  Smokehouse Rub for smoking meat – yum and Potlatch Seasoning for seafood, in particular salmon.

Of course, there had to be a cookbook

A microplane coarse grater which will get a work out tonight on cheese for pasta

And finally a couple of silicon baking mats.  Not a bad haul!

Should have a lot of fun with that lot.  Check out Celia’s In My Kitchen when you get a chance – she started it all.

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8 Responses to In My Kitchen – June 2012

  1. Such a wonderful assortment of goodies in your kitchen. I love that we get the chance to investigate all these delicious and exotic things in each other’s homes. Thanks for sharing!

  2. heidiannie says:

    I love my silicon mats- they keep every thing even in the oven and no burnt cookies . I use parchment paper on top, though, because they do stain quite easily!
    And the microplane is great with garlic and citrus as well! In fact, I grab it for fresh ginger pretty regularly now. I keep finding more uses for it!
    Thanks for the peek into your kitchen- I really enjoy the IMK posts!

  3. Woohoo…what a haul! Thanks for playing, Davey. Are the cedar planks treated in some way, or could you go to the timberyard and pick up cedar by the metre and use it for cooking? You really have been bitten hard by the bbq bug! 🙂

  4. Glenda says:

    Please let us know how accurate the individual thermometres were, I am intrigued.

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