Recipes from Australia’s Masterchef

I wasn’t going to buy Adam Liaw’s cookbook, Two Asian Kitchens, but when I saw it in a shop for $10, well I changed my mind.  I’m not sure what others think of Masterchef but for me Series 2 was the pick of the lot and Adam the most worthy winner.

The book starts of with some basic techniques and after that is divided into 2 sections, the old kitchen and the new kitchen.  The old kitchen contains recipes that are classic Asian dishes whereas the new kitchen are more new recipes inspired by the flavours and techniques of Asia.  I chose a recipe from the old kitchen and it was Hainanese chicken rice, a simple but very satisfying meal and a perfect way to end a busy weekend.

The recipe for Hainanese chicken rice can be found here.  The rice itself was very tasty being first coated in some of the rendered chicken fat, flavoured with garlic and ginger and cooked in the stock made when the chicken was cooked.


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3 Responses to Recipes from Australia’s Masterchef

  1. I grew up on this dish – my mother would make it for every birthday!

  2. I wish I’d grown up on that dish. Yummo.

  3. I bought that book, too. This dish is one I would like to try.

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