Masterchef Vol 1

Last night being the last day of Masterchef and all that, I thought I’d pull out the book from the first series, given to me for Xmas two years ago.  The other parameter in play was that I had a rabbit I needed to cook.  This led to Brent’s braised rabbit in a capsicum, tomato and fennel sauce.  I was happy to give this a crack as Brent got shafted in the first series when they used to do the vote off routine within the losing team.  The recipe for this can be found here

The recipe calls for 2 rabbit legs but I used a whole rabbit.  I think I may have not cooked it gently enough as it came out a bit tough.  The flavours of the sauce were good though.  I served it on some soft (or what turned out as very soft) polenta from Damien Pignolet’s French.

The good thing though was that my daughter made some chocolate covered macaroons which were delicious.

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