Sausage Day

I have a few books on charcuterie and while the weather is still cool I need to tick them off.  Today I made two of my favourite types of sausages from two books.  I made fresh chorizo from Cured by Lindy Wildsmith and weisswurst from Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.  Both are good books if you are interested in preserving meat and smallgoods.

I made the weisswurst first and we had them for lunch.  Weisswurst is an emulsified sausage, that is, the mixture is mixed or pureed until the fat is evenly suspended between the meat and water, similar to a hot dog.  The basic ratio for this style of sausage is 5 parts meat, 4 parts fat, 3 parts water (ice).  In this case the meat is veal, so the end result is a pale sausage.  When I go to the Vic market on Saturday mornings I always have a weisswurst with sauerkraut and mustard from the Bratwurst shop, so I was keen to try and make my own.  The flavourings in these sausages are white pepper, mustard, mace, lemon zest and parsley.  The sausages also contain salt and milk powder.

Here are the sausages after they have been stuffed.

The weisswurst were then cooked in a water bath at 76C for 20 mins after which they looked like this.

I then finished them off in a frying pan and they tasted pretty good.

The chorizo sausages were made with an equal mix of minced pork shoulder and pork belly.  To this were added white wine, smoked and sweet paprika, minced garlic, dried oregano and of course, salt.  I also added a twist of pepper.  I have made another version of chorizo before but these seem a lot more subtler in terms of flavouring and certainly colour.  I left the mixture in the fridge overnight and this is what it looked like.

Stuffed the chorizo this afternoon.  Luckily I can buy sausage casings at the market and the Kitchenaid does a serviceable job of stuffing the casings.  Voila!





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4 Responses to Sausage Day

  1. H says:

    Great stuff. They look perfect!

  2. Lincoln says:

    Impressive stuff Dave!

  3. They look amazing. I’ll have a roll with extra mustard please!

    • David says:

      Thanks guys, they were good but not sure that measure up on the value for effort scale given the fantastic weisswurst we can get at the Vic Markets

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