Maree brought home some baby artichokes on the weekend as a sort of “ingredient test” for me.  They sat on the bench for a day in a wooden bowl and looked quite cute – should have taken a pic.

Luckily I hadn’t used Phaidon’s The Silver Spoon yet as amongst its many recipes are quite a few for artichokes.  The Silver Spoon is one of the better Phaidon books – ‘the bible of authentic Italian cooking’.  It is I think better than the Phaidon’s Spanish and French equivalents, 1080 recipes and I know how to cook.

I decided on carciofi alla provenzale (provencal artichokes).  The recipe can be found here.  I must admit I haven’t cooked with artichokes much as I am a bit intimidated by them, mainly the prep.  Fortunately these turned out quite well, particularly as they were braised to soften up nicely.

And the finished dish served with lamb cutlets.



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3 Responses to Artichokes

  1. Alison Spencer says:

    Looks fantastic. Last year while on holiays in California I went to the “home of artichokes” and ate at a little roadhouse, steamed articokes and fried articokes. Both where delicious. However, I do believe if they had your braised artichoke recipe it would knock their socks off.

  2. Else Anderson says:

    So now I can find out on-line what’s for dinner at your place. Amazing !
    Aunt Else

  3. Joanna says:

    I have that book and I never cook from it but I am going to have a look for that recipe it looks absolutely LOVELY!

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