A bit of catch up

A quick catch on a couple of books as I am way behind on posting.

Away for the weekend before last with friends and did a couple of slow cooked things.  The first was a slow cooked beef daube from Country Style Country Chefs, a compilation of recipes from some of the better chefs in country.  I did a slow cooked beef daube contributed by Steve Cumper.  Turned out good taste wise but not quite as tender as I would have liked.  Pictures turned out not so good.

The next night back at home I cooked lamb shanks with preserved lemon from Christine Manfield’s Stir.  I used my own preserved lemons for this which I made earlier in the year from the first decent crop from our Meyer lemon tree.  This turned out really well and I served it with couscous.

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3 Responses to A bit of catch up

  1. Looks fabulous. Love preserved lemons, and they’re such a good match to lamb!

  2. Alison Spencer says:

    Hi — Peserved Lemons sound like a fine thing to do now – so many lemons on my tree and 5 times as many on my neighbours tree. Any particular recipe you would recommend?

    • David says:

      I think the general rule is 1 tbsp of salt for the bottle and 1 per lemon, quartered but still connected near stem, stuff into a bottle, squeezing out some of the juice and top up with some more lemon juice. I usually add a bay leave and maybe some juniper berries or peppercorns.


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