It’s fair to say that the film ‘Julie and Julia’ had some bearing on me starting this blog and also caused me at the time to rush out and buy Volumes 1 and 2 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Volume 1 was tackled on Saturday.

Some mornings at work I have a mini quiche with my coffee, and on Friday decided it was about time I made one myself.  I have made quiches before, and I knew Julia Child would have a recipe somewhere.  I went for the standard quiche lorraine which is basically eggs, cream and bacon – a lot simpler than I thought.   An adaptation of the recipe can be found here.

This turned out well and the texture was a lot finer and smoother than what I am used to, very much an egg custard.  I would have got this post up a bit quicker but I went to do it yesterday and put on Julie and Julia for some inspiration and ended up just watching it.


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