Pasta Vialli

I have had Delia Smith’s Delia’s How to Cook Book One on the shelf for quite a few years.  And it hasn’t been looked at for the last few.  I know I have made Toad in the Hole from this book and the splatters of gravy on the pages confirms this.

Tonight was a quick pasta – Pasta Vialli.  This pasta is named after former Chelsea player and manager Gianluca Vialli.  It is simply a basic tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese stirred through prior to serving.  Pasta, tomato and cheese – pretty hard for the family not to like this.

The recipe can be found on Delia’s website here.

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One Response to Pasta Vialli

  1. H says:

    Food named after Chelsea football players conjures up all kinds of ideas for the menu: Ashley Cole Oyster Shooter, Fernando Torres Slow-cooked Duck with a John Terry ‘side dish’ (don’t choke on it), All washed down with a Mark Bosnich Coke Spider! 🙂

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