Attica – Do yourself a favour!

A slight departure here.  On Saturday night after months of waiting, Maree, I and 4 friends dined at Attica, arguably Melbourne’s best restaurant.  So I thought I would give a brief review here. 

If I could start at the conclusion of the evening, bearing in mind I am normally an impatient eater.  We left after 5 hours dining, blown away by the menu we had just experienced but not having over eaten, happy but not drunk and wondering where the time had gone.  This spoke volumes to me of the whole dining experience – food, wine and company.

The food at Attica constantly flicks between technique, finesse, trickery and purity, integrity and identity.  It really was a menu that our table spent a lot of time discussing and disecting (but we like that sort of stuff).  I’m not going to go into each dish individually other than to say the snow crab, marron, beef tongue, winter apples and madarin hit the very high notes for me.

We also went with the matched wines.  This is an approach I would recommend as not only do the wines compliment the dishes really well, but they are quite an eclectic bunch, stuff I would not normally order or even consider.  Regretably, I’ve discovered I now like sake! It really added to the whole experience.

We were lucky to have a brief chat with Ben Shewry later in the evening.  He is a very passionate and humble guy and we were chuffed that he gave us some time.

Just go.

Here is a pictorial account of the evening.

Amuse Bouche

Snow Crab with Chikuma Nishiki ‘Kizan’ Nama Genshu Sake – Nagano, Japan

Marron, Leek, Egg Yolk with Ngeringa Chardonnay 2009 – Adelaide Hills, SA

A simple dish of Potato cooked in the earth it was grown with Lambert ‘Rochettes’ Chinon 2008

Shitakes and Meat from the Pearl Oyster with Fairbank Rose 2010 – Bendigo, Victoria
(oops, I took a bite before taking pic)

Raw Chestnuts, salt baked Celeriac, Pyengana with Vadiaperti Greco di Tufo 2009 – Campania, Italy

Beef Tongue, Vanilla, Myrtus, Lettuce Stems with Descendientes de J.Palacios ‘Petalos’ 2008 – Bierzo, Spain

Winter Apples with Kracher Beerenauslese 2007 – Burgenland, Austria

Mandarin and Honeydew Honey with Telmo Rodriguez MR Moscatel 2008 – Malaga, Spain

The Pukeko’s Egg

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3 Responses to Attica – Do yourself a favour!

  1. Wow! What amazing food, and so visually interesting! Glad you guys had a good time…

  2. Rosemary says:

    Thanks for the review – it looks amazing! On the regional degustation front, I would thoroughly recommend Royal Mail at Dunkeld. Similalry we left after 5 hours having had a fantastic celebratory evening.

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