Tears Averted

I was certain my efforts at making agnolotti were going to end in tears, so much so that I went out and bought some packaged pasta for backup.   When I was making these little suckers, I was sure that some weren’t sealed properly, had holes in them or had too much air trapped in them.  In short, I was expecting casualties when I cooked them, which of course, is always more likely to happen when you have guests.

If you have The French Laundry Cookbook by Thomas Keller, you’ll know these little pasta parcels aren’t supposed to look quite like mine, but by the last sheet of pasta they were starting to get close.  The agnolotti were filled with a sweet potato and bacon mixture.  The completed dish also required a sage infused cream sauce, brown butter, deep fried sage leaves and sliced prosciutto.  A blow by blow account of this recipe can be found here – a fantastic blog that took on, and conquered the whole book. 

With great trepidation I lowered my fragile agnolotti into the boiling water.  Fortunately, my fears were misplaced and they all emerged 5 minutes later intact.  I still can’t believe it!

After that I served a dish of milk granita piled on top of crumbled roquefort.  This dish was inspired by a course we had recently at Loam Restaurant, near Geelong.  This is a GREAT restaurant and well worth a visit.

Finally for dessert, Maree suggested a black and white cheesecake from Cocolat – Extraordinary Chocolate Desserts by Alice Medrich.  This was a pretty standard cheese cake, with a cocoa crumb base and sides and a chocolate mix marbled into the basic mix.  Pretty simple to make but I need more marbling practise I think.  Guess I’ll just have to make another one.  Very pleased with the whole meal.

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6 Responses to Tears Averted

  1. Amy Poynton says:

    Well, for my part as one of your guests for the evening – it was a brilliant dinner.

    The milk granita and roquefort was unique and cleansing before the beautiful cheescake (can’t believe that is the first one you have cooked).

    Many Many Thanks for a great meal – amy

  2. mary sue says:

    David – thank you very much for a wonderful dinner… and this is the first time I have been able to share with my husband what I had to eat while traveling .. a new first…

    • David says:

      Hey no probs Mary Sue. Its all just part of the service…maybe you should start your own ‘travelling food’ blog then 🙂

  3. Lincoln says:

    As usual, it all looks awesome. Those agnolotti look okay to me, but then I’ve never tried to make them. How time consuming was it?

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