Shepherd’s Pie

I have a 20 yr old in the house whose favourite meal is shepherd’s pie.  It’s what he asks to be cooked on his birthday.  As he is a Stone’s fan we started with Keith Richard’s recipe which can be found here  After a few couple of years we moved on to Gordon Ramsay’s recipe here which is a bit richer and a bit of a favourite.

Tonight I found a new recipe, in of all places, Maeve O’Meara’s Food Safari, possibly the least exotic recipe in the book.  The recipe calls for lamb leftovers, but I used lamb mince. 

One onion and 2 celery sticks are diced and lightly cooked in a pan, to which is added 2 diced carrots and cooked some more.  500g of lamb mince is then added with seasoning and browned.  Then add 2 tsp plain flour, 2 tsp mustard powder and 125 ml beef stock.  Stir well.  Add a dash of soy, a generous splash of worcestershire sauce, 3 pinches of mace, the grated zest of one lemon and 125ml of apple cider.  Cook until mixture has thickened.

Place mixture in a large baking dish with half a bunch of chopped parsley and 2 bay leaves and top with mashed potato and a sprinkling of grated parmesan. 

Not quite Gordon’s but very nice.

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2 Responses to Shepherd’s Pie

  1. Looks nice, as does Gordon’s!

  2. campbell says:

    That dish is so right on so many fronts. I’m with the 20 year old.

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