Yiouverlakia Soup

It’s Sunday morning and I’m having my first attempt ever at any form of laminating pastry – if anyone knows how to roll dough 20cm by 20cm to 20cm by 90cm, let me know – I’m adopting a compromise solution.

Gives me a chance to quickly post about last night’s meal.  I made a Greek meatball soup with egg and lemon sauce from a new book by Mary Valle called My Greek Kitchen.  I picked this up at Costco on Friday among other things including a vacu pack machine – sous vide cooking is one step closer!  As the recipe blurb says, this is soup is “simple but nourishing and delicious also.  Perfect for Sunday night dinner”.  Well I went a day early on that one but the simplicity, nourishment and deliciousness factors stack up.  

Make small meatballs from 500g beef mince, 1 finely diced small onion, 40g medium grain rice, 2 tbsp chopped parsely, 1 tbsp chopped mint, salt and pepper to taste.   Cook meatballs and another 40g rice gently in 1.25l boiling water that has had 50g butter added during heating for 20 mins.  Meanwhile make the egg and lemon sauce by lightly beating 2 egg whites in a bowl, then adding 2 egg yolks, beating a little more.  Gradually add the juice of 1 lemon, continually mixing.  When soup is ready incorporate some of the stock into the sauce, take soup off heat and mix in sauce well.

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1 Response to Yiouverlakia Soup

  1. Alison Spencer says:

    Looks yummy and unlike the greek soup at my local takaway yours does not seem to have those stringey bits.

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