Easter Part Four

This is the final instalment for the Easter break.  I looked through quite a few books for ‘Easter dishes’ and the final one I found was Torta Pasqualina or Easter Tart from Carluccio’s Complete Italian Food, which is part cookbook, part reference book.  I didn’t get around to making this while we were away, but rather last evening on our return.  It’s a pretty simple dish and very tasty, probably the dish that surprised me the most of all the food I cooked over Easter.  The recipe can be found here.  I made the shortcrust pastry as per Stephanie Alexander’s instructions in the cook’s companion.

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3 Responses to Easter Part Four

  1. H says:

    Can we spend next Easter with you?

  2. Wow, what an Easter feast, Dave! And I think a bowl of French onion soup would go down very nice right now, thank you.. 😉

  3. David says:

    Of course H. Celia, amazing how much cooking you find yourself doing with no TV in the house!

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