Easter Part Two

Next thing to cook was hot cross buns.  For this recipe I turned to Nigella Lawson’s Feast, my only cookbook by her but one with a lot of special occasion ideas and recipes.  We also cooked the Paschal Lamb from this book but more on that later.  This is a good recipe, giving a bun of good flavour and colour.  The only thing I would consider doing is adding the fruit after the knead as for me, it broke down during kneading.  Like most baking, allow yourself plenty of time.  The full recipe can be found on Nigella’s website here

As opposed to Nigella, I ended up with a few odd shapes!

Also cooked this day was French onion soup with gruyere croutons from the Pike Place Market Cookbook.  The Pike Place Markets are in Seattle and this quirky book contains recipes garnered from the many vendors at the market.  Among its pages are recipes for pea pullao, pancit bihon and peach grunt, so there is a lot to discover here.

The soup is a little different from french onion soup I know in that it uses chicken stock rather than beef.  I must admit, I used Campbell’s stock and am sure the end result would have been better with some homemade stock, though I think it would still be beef stock for me as a preference. The flavour of this soup is enhanced by garlic, sherry, white wine, thyme and a bay leaf.  As you can see, I overdid the croutons a touch.

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