I see quite a few school fundraisers at work, usually the standard chocolates.  So when one of the guys was selling a school cookbook as a fundraiser, it was easy for me to get on board.  Huntingdale Primary School has a Japanese Immersion Program and the Family Favourites Cookbook from the school presents all recipes in both English and Japanese.  I have to say, it’s a cute little book.

Gyoza was the recipe chosen, my first go at dumplings.  The filling consists of 300g pork mince, 500g chinese cabbage (chopped, salted and drained), a bunch of chopped chinese leeks, spring onions to taste, juice from a 10g piece of ginger, 2 tbsp sake, 2 tbsp corn flour, 2 tbsp seame oil, a tsp of soy sauce and pepper to taste.  Then its a matter of wrapping the little suckers.  Thank goodness for google – I had a quick look at a video which showed me the technique.

Cooking the gyoza involves browning the bottoms of the dumplings in a frying pan and then adding water to the pan and steaming them for 5 minutes.  I did a few batches and it wasn’t until the last one that I sought of got it right.  It seems you have to make sure you brown the dumplings well before you add the water other wise they tend to stick to the pan.

They tasted good and the kids liked them but, fast food they are not!  Dipping sauce is soy sauce, vinegar and chilli oil mixed to taste.

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5 Responses to Gyoza

  1. Bruce says:

    Oishii so desu ne!!!! Did you make the cases? I like lots of garlic in mine too!!!!

    • David says:

      Bruce, family like to eat before 11.00pm, so no, made a lunchtime trip to asian grocery in Russell St to pick up gyoza skins and greens. I think I will have to experiment with the fillings – garlic sounds good!

  2. Alison Spencer says:

    David — you continue to astound me — amazing thing to do on a week night – they look so beautiful and delicious…. You magician you

  3. Sick Puppy says:

    they look great David….

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