Stephanie, Gordon and Maggie

A couple posts ago I claimed a cucumber salad from Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Companion.  Well perhaps that wasn’t quite good enough so on Sunday morning for brunch I made from the same book Annie Smither’s Superb Corn Fritters – quite good with bacon and maple syrup.

Last night was the end of a busy week so some sort of comfort food was the order of the day.  I found a chicken and smoked bacon pie in Gordon Ramsay’s Great British Pub Food.  Why do I have this book?  Well it was on sale for $20 but it does have some good stuff in it. 

This recipe takes a bit of time and starts by cooking a whole jointed chook and 4 sliced up leeks in a litre of chicken stock with a bouquet garni for an hour.  The chicken and leeks are removed, chicken cut up into bite sized pieces and the stock reduced by about half.  200g each of sliced mushrooms and chopped bacon are fried up to which is added 2 tbsp of flour and then the stock and 150ml of cream.  Once sauce has thickened up, chicken, leeks and a handful of chopped parsley are added and there is your pie filling. 

I had enough to cook two pies so the kids will have something to eat while we are out this week.  It’s a good pie.

Tonight was one of those rare nights that I get home a bit late so it was a quick steak and vegies for dinner but I did have some figs and left over puff pastry to use.  So I did a quick search and came up with figs in puff pastry with creme anglaise from Maggie Beer’s  Maggie’s Farm.  This was I think Maggie’s first book published almost 20 years ago and is packed with great recipes, information and anecdotes, written in Maggie’s warm style.  Interesting to see how cookbook publishing has changed over that time, only the odd sketch in this one. 

A simple recipe that brings together puff pastry, lightly caramelised slices of fig and creme anglaise.  Delish!

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