Moro East

On the way home on Sunday we stopped in at Birregurra Farm Foods to pick up some meat for dinner and the rest of the week.  We took home some free range pork cutlets and fillets and it was the fillets we decided to cook that night.

Moro East was, I think, the third book by Sam and Sam Clark, focussing on the food of Spain and the Muslim influence on the Mediterranean.  I’m thinking this may be one of the books on my shelf that has seen little or no use, maybe because I bought the book in a rush to use up a voucher.  Glad I’ve got it though – it does have a lot in it if you take the time to look.

I cooked two recipes out of it – pan fried pork with almonds and fennel and Hassan’s cracked potatoes with coriander.  The latter is smaller potatoes, slightly cracked and cooked in oil and coriander. Near the end of cooking red wine is added which is soaked up in some part by the cracked potatoes.  It was the pork that really hit the spot though.  The fillets were sliced, gently flattened and rubbed with a paste made up of fennel seed, garlic, smoked hot paprika, redwine vinegar and olive oil.  4 sliced red onions, a finely chopped fennel bulb and a couple of bay leaves were then cooked in some oil until lightly caramelised – smelt fantastic.  This mixture was put aside and the pork cooked very quickly.  Then some white wine and onion mixture was added back, boiled briefly, and just before serving chopped roasted almond, parsley and fennel tops were stirred through.  This was a terrific combination of flavours and textures, loved it!

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2 Responses to Moro East

  1. What an interesting dish! Love that it used both the bulb and tops of the fennel. I must go steal this book again from the neighbours – I don’t think I gave it enough attention the first time.. 🙂

  2. David says:

    It really was good. The book is a bit of a sleeper I think, plenty in there if you take the time to look.

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