Midweek French

Tonight decided for a bit of french cooking.  The recipe chosen was pork with blackcurrant from The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris and Fran Warde.  This is a good book with a mixture of family recipes and modern french cooking.  Essentially this dish is a pork fillet served on top of sautéed apple and topped with a blackcurrant sauce.  Trouble was that while I was cooking I realised I was using blackberries.  Oops, try reading recipe properly next time. 

I served it with pommes de terre sarladaises from Classic French Cooking by Elisabeth Luard.  These are spuds cooked in duck fat with garlic and parsley.   The recipe called for the addition of a glass of water, presumably written before the advent of Riedels, as I may have overdone the Riedels.  If you own or have seen this book you will know it.  It is tiny and impossible to keep open – it is cute though (perhaps not the best reason to buy a cookbook!)

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5 Responses to Midweek French

  1. I’ve made that mistake before – blackberries for blackcurrants – and it’s significant, since blackcurrants are very tart. But was the dish delicious nonetheless?

  2. David says:

    Yeah I know, the recipe specifically mentioned the tartness, so I guess it would have been better both flavour wise and texturally with the right ingredient. It was fine though, even if the pork was a bit overdone – not my finest night at the stove!

  3. Campbell says:

    Looks yummo to me.

  4. Alison Spencer says:

    Looks Delicious. BTW – your mention of figs from your tree, inspired me to pick figs from my neighours tree. So far this week I have made 2 batches of fig jam. Using Elizabeth David recipe. 2lbs of figs, 3/4 lb sugar, 2 lemons. — Put all in the same pot, juice lemons, zest the skin of lemons. Simmer for 1 1/2 hours – test if cooked and bottle. Delicious….

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