Giving the liver a rest

When you are trying to cook a certain number of new recipes a week, it doesn’t help if you keep getting sidetracked by wonderful food and wine.  I have just been through one of those stretches. 

Last Thursday was my monthly wine group get together.  We take it in turns to host and Richard and Fran turned on wonderful night of Italian wines and food.  Friday was intended to be a bit of a rest day but one doesn’t turn down spontaneous invitations to The Flower Drum.  Rest day becomes all day lunch, Saturday morning ride is missed.  On Saturday night we enjoyed a stunning 8 course dinner and more great wine than we needed with a group of friends who take it in turn to cook for each other.  The bar was raised that night.  Next day we drove to Kyneton and enjoyed lunch at Annie Smithers Bistrot before spending a very worthwhile couple of hours at Curly Flat, home of some of the best pinot going around.

I needed some respite, something simple and satisfying.  It had to be soup.  Soup is often underestimated and underexplored but is there a better way of getting something hearty and healthy into a bowl?  I think not.  More soup needs to be cooked in this house.

I turned to The Soup Book, a self proclaimed soup bible put together by Sophie Grigson.  Its a book that as you flick through it you want to cook most of the things you see. 

Chinese chicken noodle soup was chosen.  With only 4 ingredients and no skill required, it ticked all the boxes for tonight.  Chicken stock, chicken, corn and rice vermicelli – doesn’t get any simpler than that.  But that doesn’t mean that it wasnt appreciated!

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5 Responses to Giving the liver a rest

  1. Rosemary says:

    yum! any spices?? coriander?? or were you needing alcohol free and plain food for the recovery?

  2. David says:

    Just salt and pepper. Plain food was good. This dish is not a complete canvas though and lends it self to any number of experimentation with herbs and spices

  3. Detox soup. It sounds perfect to me, I could have a bowl right now, please.. 🙂

  4. Campbell says:

    You had me at soup — but that looks awesome.

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