An assortment of Zucchinis

I have a few zucchini plants in my garden this year, planted under my quince tree.  I picked my first zucchinis this week but they are quite small.  To be fair, the plants probably don’t get as much sun as they should.  My daughter came home from a school excursion to the Prahran market on Tuesday with 2 white zucchinis.  So I guess I had to do something with the zucchinis.

Each of my cookbooks I buy for a different reason, but more and more I find I am looking for good writing.  Nigel Slater has this in spades, not only that, but I like the philosophy of getting back to produce seasonality.  I have only had The Kitchen Diaries for a short while and have wanted to cook zucchini cakes with dill and feta since I flicked through the book.  So it was to be. 

Tasty, but need to try again as they weren’t quite right texturally. 

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5 Responses to An assortment of Zucchinis

  1. Lincoln says:

    Looks like a map of Ireland 🙂

  2. Rosemary says:

    Hi David, I’m doing a slow cooked zucchini with tomato, lemon and coriander dressing tonight with a slow cooked lamb.
    I’m pretty sure its a Karen Martini recipe – I tend to cut lots of recipes out of newspapaers and magazines..
    Bake the zuccinis water, olvie oil, bay leave s+p in oven proof dish with lid for 45 mins
    Make dressing out of ground up coriander seeds, garlic s+p. Add olive oil and mix, place in bowl with chopped tomatoes and herbs – parsley and coriander(chopped), season with pepper. before serving – stir thru lemon juice.

    I think you’ll find its aesthetically and texturally more pleasing than the zuccini rissoles!! : )

  3. David says:

    Ok, not the best photo ever taken!

    Rosemary – sounds good, I’ll have to give that a go sometime.

  4. Alison Spencer says:

    My Zuccinis are late too. Nothing for months and now 5 or 6 little ones. I had a dish at the ‘University Cafe” on Sunday. Spagetti with Zuccini Flowers and Prawns. The former turned out to be thin slices of the tiny zuccini’s that form behind the flower – just delicious. Seeing your dish, has inspired me to seek out a Zuccini fritter recipe and use mine while they too are young and fresh

  5. Jacqueline says:


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