Movida @ Kennett River

Haven’t posted for a while due to being away for the long weekend and then suffering from some sort of gastro or food poisoning thingo.  Needless to say, not much interest in food in the last couple of days.  Anyway, all good now.

On Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner.   We went with a Spanish theme, primarily from Frank Camorra’s Movida.  I work near the restaurant and was very much anticipating the release of this book when I heard it was coming out, so much so that  I hounded bookshops for weeks, finally buying it when I first saw it after ordering it elsewhere.  No, not obsessive at all, and yes, Maree made me take the first one back.  Anyway, it’s a bloody good book, as is its sequel, Rustica.

Had worked out what I was going to cook for Saturday night, so was at the Vic Market on Friday morning when I noticed some Padron Peppers.  I had noticed a simple recipe for these in the book the night before, so bought them and Fried Padron Peppers, together with some manchego cheese with quince paste served as our appetisers.

For main we had a number of dishes, all from Movida, except for Marinated Red Peppers from Murdoch Books, The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook.  This dish is essentially sliced skinned grilled peppers marinated in oil, vinegar, paprika, bay leaf, parsley, garlic and thyme.

The other dishes were Barbecued Quail marinated in lemon and thyme, Canary Islands Salted Potatoes, Braised Peas with ham and mint (was meant to be broad beans instead of peas but they are out of season) and lamb cutlets served with garlic and parsley.  The spuds were also served with a red capsicum dressing.  The good thing about all these recipes is that they are not complicated but still taste great – should really cook more of this stuff.  Sorry for the washed out photo.

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