Sunday Lunch

My wife, Maree, had a few friends over on Sunday for lunch while I was away on a boys weekend (golf and fishing) so she turned to Maggie Beer via Maggie’s Kitchen and Maggie’s Harvest.

First up was Smoked Ocean Trout with Potato Pikelets (sorry, no picture).

Then for main, Chook Legs with Vino Cotto accompanied by Haloumi with Citrus Lentils and a Green Salad.

Finally, a fig and gorgonzola tart as a cheese dish served with a sticky.  I had some of this when I got home and it was good.

There was some of Maggie’s sour cream pastry left over so my daughter decided to put it to good use by making a couple of mini quiches guided by a quiche lorraine recipe from Stepanie’s Cook’s Companion.   Not bad!

All up, a very pleasant weekend was had by all.

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5 Responses to Sunday Lunch

  1. Claire says:

    I thought you were supposed to be doing the cooking, it is your addiction isn’t it!!!

  2. Claire says:

    OK jumped the gun a bit on that one- I see now that it is on ‘Other Cooking’ 🙂

  3. Hmmm…it is on “Other Cooking”, but the question is – did it come off the cookbook count? Because that would be cheeeattting.. 🙂

    Maree, great job, love! The chicken especially looks amazing! 🙂

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