Fish and Fire

Yesterday I was on a fishing boat in Port Phillip bay and caught a couple of Australian salmon, flathead and a number of others that we threw back. I also caught two trevalley which I cooked tonight.

I cooked, or well I aimed to cook, crispy skin fish with spring onions accompanied with asian noodle salad from every day in the kitchen by Allan Campion and Michele Curtis. Everything was going pretty well except I may have over heated some peanut oil that was meant to finish off the skin on the fish and it self ignited. Took about 10 minutes to put out to. Burnt a bread board, kitchen glove and made a mess of the saucepan. I’ve since done a bit of research on peanut oil and the auto ignition temp, ie the temp where it self ignites is 443 deg C! Guess I put that oil on a bit early. Oh well, always learning I guess!

Not a bad meal in the end though.  Quite simple to put together and a good mid week option.  Love soba noodles and should have them more often.

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2 Responses to Fish and Fire

  1. Alison Spencer says:

    Does fish you have caught yourself taste better than fish bought from others?

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