We don’t shop exclusively at The Chicken Pantry in the Vic Market but if I had to choose my favorite chook and related meat’s store, this would be it. We eat roo probably once a month or so and the peppered roo from The Chicken Pantry is a favourite.

So tonight we had the roo with a couple of ‘sides’ from Wild Sides, a book of vegetable side dishes that is small in terms of cookbooks but punches above its weight. We are of the opinion that roo goes real well with sweet potato and beetroot, so the sides we chose for tonight were a beetroot, mint and yoghurt salad and creamy sweet potato mash. I used our thermomix for the mash as it produces exquisite puree.

We ate the meal with a couple of glasses of Jack (deluxe dry red, not Daniels)and I have to say, not bad for a Thursday night.

Made no ground today though as I couldn’t resist a 30% discount voucher from Dymocks, so brought home the India Cookbook from Phaidon.  I’ve been resisting this cookbook since it came out but finally succumbed.  I’m a weak, weak man.

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4 Responses to Sides

  1. Sigh…I noticed you’ve rejigged the counter to take into account the new purchase. 🙂 So I probably shouldn’t mention the current deal at where they’ll ship to Australia for free if you purchase over UKP25? Means the Ottolenghi cookboook, for example, would now only cost – delivered – a very tiny A$22 (if you bought other things as well).

    We haven’t had much luck with roo – everyone here finds it too gamey. I do like the idea of sweet potato mash and beetroot salad though!

  2. David says:

    I’ll check out that deal.

  3. Rick Pepper says:

    Hi there, Maree sent me the blog site earlier this week. I have a few minutes sitting here late Friday afternoon to read through your entries. You are making me hungry just reading. I impressed with the diversity in selection. You have done a good job and will keep up to date with the families dieting habits. If I cook for Patty, I am coming here for some suggestions. See you soon….tell Maree that Feb. is almost over and she can start drinking wine again….:)

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