I went to the market at lunch time today and left with a kilo of tiger prawns and a couple of baby fennel bulbs. Now what to cook with it.

I ended up going with Fricaseed Prawns with Leeks and Saffron from Moorish by Greg and Lucy Malouf (yes fennel is also an ingredient). First I had to make up a Ras al Hanout spice mix then peel and marinate the prawns in the spices. After that it was quite a quick cook. The recipe called for larger prawns than I had but we were happy with it. It was definitely moorish.

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4 Responses to Moorish

  1. Campbell says:

    It looks like parsley but coriander is more likely. What do we have sprinkled on top there?

    Early lunch today. You’ve made me feel hungry.

  2. David says:

    You’ve passed the ingredient challenge, it is indeed parsley.

  3. Lincoln says:

    Love the Ras al Hanout. We actually have a container of it ready to go in the spice cupboard. Very useful for those last minute meal decisions

  4. Hello Cam, Linc. It’s like old times here. 🙂

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