Masterchef Vol 2

Yes I like Masterchef. Sure there are things that annoy me but the cooking is generally fun to watch. Series 1 cookbook was so so but Series 2 is much better – a lot more of the contestants recipes are included.

On Friday night I cooked Alvin’s caramelised pork belly with chilli vinegar. This dish took a fair while for me to cook and was quite messy but the rewards were beautifully tender, crunchy sweet pork.

16 down, 211 to go.

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4 Responses to Masterchef Vol 2

  1. Couldn’t bring myself to watch MC2. The first series took up too much of my life. But this dish does look most fine, nonetheless!

  2. Campbell says:

    Oh I could go some of that. Are you allowed to post some of the recipes? Or should we just move back to Melb and find ourselves ‘in your area’ around dinner time most nights 🙂

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