Pan Fried Trout with Jamon

This recipe is from Frank Camorra’s second book, Rustica. This was published in 2009 and I think this is the only ‘cookbook launch event’ I have been too. It was held at Movida Aqui which had only recently opened and we were served some dishes from the book, a copy of which we also took home with us. We have cooked a few things from the book since, notably beef cheeks with pedro ximenez which has been a hit. Anchovies with smoked tomato sorbet remain an ambition.

Tonight I cooked pan fried trout with jamon which we ate with a salad. I love the juiciness of pan fried rainbow trout and this variation with thyme and jamon was delicious.

12 down, 215 to go.

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2 Responses to Pan Fried Trout with Jamon

  1. Dave, what happens if you want to make TWO things from the one cookbook, is that allowed this year? 🙂

    Trout looks most fine – rainbow trout was a new find for me, and I’ve been buying it whenever I see it (which isn’t very often).

  2. David says:

    Its very allowed and should be encouraged in keeping with the idea of getting more use ot of the books, just won’t count towards the completion of this exercise!

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