Pork (and Sons)

One thing I’m learning quickly on this exercise is that if I’m to get through all my books in a year, then I’m going to have to find a lot of recipes that are compatible with the working week, ie not too complicated.

Tonight pork was requested, so I thought I’d give Pork and Sons by Stephane Reynaud first crack. Sure enough, there was a quick and simple pork chop and shallot recipe which was just what the doctor ordered. Pork has not been a significant part of our diet in recent years but I’m starting to cook it more and more as I consign memories of dried out pork chops to the scrap heap. A couple of weeks ago I cooked Pork chops for an autumn night from Nigel Slater’s Tender Vol2.  It really is a beautiful meat when cooked well.

I believe this was Reynaud’s first cookbook and it is given the full Phaidon treatment. It is a beatiful book. He has been churning them out since and I have a couple more, but I think this is the best.

Oh, by the way, see Don Parties On if you get a chance and check out Saint Peters – lovely seafood and nice winelist.

7 down, 220 to go.

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